“Thank you so much for providing such spectacular fun and entertainment – everyone was absolutely blown away by you beautiful talented girls! You were the perfect choice and Sir Keith and Lady Mills could not have been happier! The ‘He Did it His Way’ song will be talked about for years to come, and truly brought a tear to everyone’s eye and lots of laughs!”
– Sir Keith Mills 65th Birthday Party – Spitbank Fort

“You girls were bl**dy marvellous”
– Lord Jeffrey Archer

“Bob would have adored you! You were incredible”
– Linda Hope (Bob Hope’s daughter)

“Individually the three Patriot Girls are great singers in their own right, but together they are sensational. Riotous good fun wrapped in quality. Seriously brilliant.”
– Gary Williams, Big band singer

“I have had the good fortune to work with The Patriot Girls a few times now, the last being at Ronnie Scott’s. Whilst I knew all of the girls individually through working on other projects I never fully appreciated how good they were until I worked with them collectively as The Patriot Girls.

I know better than most how difficult and on top of your game you have to be to be part of a three girl close harmony vocal group, a la Andrews Sisters, and these girls are the best exponents of this that I have heard. Not only are they very strong musically, they are delightful and amenable to work with.

In addition to looking the part and being glamorous, they have a very comfortable stage manner that audiences really warm to.”
– Barry Robinson, musical director